Frolic In Sunflower Fields On the North Shore

Have you ever danced in a sunflower field?

When was the last time you ran through a meadow?

I bet you never thought of this when you thought of a vacation in Hawaii.

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Every September, the landscapes of many parts of our world go through an annual change of colors. As children   re-enter school, the trees around them take on beautiful tones of red, orange, and yellow hues. It is Autumn. Here on Oahu, our lush landscapes don’t change color. I’ve often imagined the beauty of these lush forests set against the turquoise waters with touches of red, orange, and yellow hugging the valleys. Oh what a sight they would be. In place of what we do not have, we do have an annual phenomenon that dots a landscape with glee:

The annual sunflower bloom at DuPont Pioneer Farm in Wailua on the North Shore of Oahu.

Visit @the_leiover for more beautiful imagery from the island of ‘Aloha.’

Known for growing pineapples, you don’t expect to see a sprawling field of sunflowers set against the Wainae Mountain range. The field, owned by DuPont Pioneer, opens in November and reservations to freely tour there are easily made by phone or email. You have to reserve a spot to enter. Admission is free and you’re also free to take professional photos. The vast field offers plenty of space for staged graduation portraits, social media poses, wedding photos, you name it.

Visit @the_leiover for more beautiful imagery from the island of ‘Aloha.’

If you plan on visiting Oahu in November, be sure to add a sunflower field tour to your list.

To schedule a visit: Call (808) 637-0100 ext. 149, or email

What is your favorite type of floral field to frolic in?

Visit @the_leiover for more beautiful imagery from the island of ‘Aloha.’

5 Reasons You Should Explore Tasmania

If you’re visiting Australia and mapping out where to go every few days, here are a few reasons and photographs to show why Tasmania is a place to visit.
1. Round trip fairs are some of the least expensive in Australia. Flying to Hobart from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane should cost less than $200 RT on Jetstar. That’s a deal in Australia. Sydney to Hobart is less than a two hour flight. My Redspot car rental for four days in Tassie totaled less than $80 USD.
The pier at Freycinet Lodge.
2. If you like road trips, Tassie offers some of Australia’s most scenic views. I drove Hobart to Freycinet National Park along Tasmania’s east coast. It was a remarkable experience. The coast line is pristine.
Coles Bay is a great place to see the sun set.
3. Seafood lovers in Australia know Tasmania offers the best fresh caught seafood in Australia. Although it may not be the culinary capital Melbourne is, Tassie sticks to the basics and you can’t beat the freshness. Oyster lovers will really enjoy it here.
Cape Tourville Lighthouse, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
4. Freycinet National Park was my destination og choice here and for good reason. The granite rock formations here stand out, especially at sunset. Wineglass Bay is the ultimate highlight here. It is considered one of the top beaches in the world. I had a remarkable stay at Freycinet Lodge, which is conveniently located to many of Freycinet’s best hotspots.
Idyllic vista of Wineglass Bay atop The Hazards.
5. It is still not on major tourist radars. I’ve seen little chatter on social media about Tasmania. There’s something to be said about a place that still remains off the radar. 
Sunset at Coles Bay. If you’re lucky, you’ll see Humpback whales playing.
Hope these tidbits help you decide to possibly see Tasmania!
All images taken with Canon 5D Mark III. Self portraits taken with Manfrotto tripod.

Hiking Hanauma Bay Ridge At Sunrise

Beginning your day at a paradisiacal place practically to yourself is the best way to start a day on Oahu. The island is crowded. Their will be a wait at your favorite brunch cafe; traffic to and from your favorite North Shore hideaway; and endless lines of selfie takers and wedding portraits at your go to location to see sunset. It often feels like sunrise is the only time to enjoy the serenity this island was once known for.

Hanauma Bay’s ridge hiked is a paved trail up and around the famed snorkeling bay on Oahu’s beautiful Windward Coast. To reach the top before sunrise, you want to begin your hike at least 30 minutes prior to. I recommend a flashlight, but the break of dawn may illuminate your path enough. The only hazards along the trail are the gusting wind blows. My favorite place to watch the sunrise here is in the photo above. The meadow at the top offers a quaint place to sit and admire the views of Koko Head, the Ka Iwi coastline, Hanauma Bay, and Diamond Head.

When you finish the hike, I recommend having breakfast at Moena Cafe in Hawaii Kai shopping center. It is a highly rated cafe known for their delicious eggs benedict, french toast, and great coffee. The wait time is worth it and the food will certainly satisfy your post-hike appetite.

Thank you for visiting, please enjoy the photographs from my hike and let me on Instagram what you think!

***All pictures taken with Canon 5D Mark III and edited in Adobe Lightroom. If you’re interested in learning the camera settings I used to capture these beautiful images, do not hesitate to ask.